Monday, March 30, 2009

Local author

It's always a pleasure to find a local author. At our B & N Writers Group meeting last week Gayla, our forward-thinking facilitator, reminded us of a Kansas City author who is doing quite well, Joel Goldman. A number of years ago he spoke to our little gathering and I am finally reading his books. Nothing against Joel; I tend to read full speed ahead, and actually "plan" my years reading in December. I'm not OC, honest. I know I'm not because I can deviate from my plan with hardly any scars. Joel proves it. I inserted his name onto my 09 list with barely a wince.

I just finished Motion To Kill...I like to start at the beginning. I love it that he uses KC as a backdrop; it's quite fun to know the locations mentioned in the storyline. I thought the first novel between ok and good so will continue with the rest like little dominoes falling before my intrepid reading plan. It will take me some time to get to his current "The Dead Man" due for release Wednesday, 4/1/09. Way to go Joel; you strengthen the rest of us with the resolution to persevere.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Many tangled paths...

I've decided to live to be a viable 125 years. As opposed to an unviable 125. Perhaps I should say a functioning 125. I mean, what's the point if you can't think, read or write? I have a delightful, self-sufficient, perky, still-lives-alone friend who is 104 and she's sharp as a spike on on a sweetgum seed pod in my yard (I love that tree). Dr. Oz says it is entirely within the realm of possibility; living to 125, not spikes on the sweetgum pod.

At any rate, I have entirely too much writing to do to get it all finished before the insurance statistician says I will die. I mean, Domus is finished, but not published. Domus being this kingdom of Fey where Lichen Ipse, an F 22 Raptor pilot finds his grandfather, his soul, his true love and manages to rescue the entire Kingdom from annihilation. Cool guy. And, then there is Hopscotch, a murder mystery that doesn't even have its corpse yet. Not to even mention (but I will) the non-fiction book: The Herbalist Is In...a hands-on compendium of my herbal encounters that's like condiments, sweet, sour and surprising.

The way I see it, 125 years may not even do it. In which case I will leave detailed instructions to my progeny on how to finish all my projects. Just feeding my worm farm, yogurt, starter dough and kombacha brew could take hours if you don't know what you're doing.

So, I'd better hop to.....gotta get a proposal out. Hey, have a monumental day. :) Lizzy

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ahhh, writers...

Last night our B & N Writers Group gathered for a couple of hours of hope and sharing. I have been with this group for several years. We've seen writers come and go, but there are a few of us who hang in there thru cream and skim. I love sitting in...sometimes I have something to read, sometimes not. Several continue to inspire me: our fearless facilitator, Gayla. She doggedly and faithfully leads us month after month giving us pointers, gently steering us away from using too many points-of-view. Pat, our published author, always reminds us of a submission pitfall or two and is there like a glowing comet whirling toward our goal of publication. Jim is our stalwart day-in day-out author who pursues magazine editors like Einstein pursued his theories and is rewarded by frequent publication. Corianne who awes us with nostalgic stories of her long and interesting life. Irma, our own Poet Laureate, takes us from our own mysterious psyche to far-a-way places like China.

Then we have a considerable flow of new writers, last night we had two. Some will stay, most will not. What is it that keeps the regulars coming, that makes us continue word after word, line after line whether we publish or not? Is it need for expression? The hunger for our by line? The insatiable desire to find our voice? It's probably different for each of us, but whatever it is, I find satisfaction and comraderie in our little group. It's a soft landing when we fail; a booster club as we drive toward our goal and a fan club when we succeed. When we are sitting in that circle, we are writers every one. To the newbies, keep coming, but most of all keep writing. To the oldies, thanks.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Greetings! This is my the water...checking out the temperature. I already have an herbal blog and website; now I have a writing blog and website. I was trying to fit both "mes" on the herb site, but somehow, it just didn't work. So, now like an egg yolk that doesn't work in icing, I've separated the two...this is the egg white side of me. (I had to give the herbal side the yolk as it's the part with actual nutrition.)

I hope to share my ups and downs of writing...the rants that don't really fit the website. Besides, my webmaster husband would soon tire of these postings! Besides, OK, I'll admit it, I like being in charge.

So, if you are a writer, hope to be a writer, have been a writer or just like to watch writers squirm around in misery of their own making, welcome.

I write fiction and non-fiction. Sense and non-sense.