Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ahhh, writers...

Last night our B & N Writers Group gathered for a couple of hours of hope and sharing. I have been with this group for several years. We've seen writers come and go, but there are a few of us who hang in there thru cream and skim. I love sitting in...sometimes I have something to read, sometimes not. Several continue to inspire me: our fearless facilitator, Gayla. She doggedly and faithfully leads us month after month giving us pointers, gently steering us away from using too many points-of-view. Pat, our published author, always reminds us of a submission pitfall or two and is there like a glowing comet whirling toward our goal of publication. Jim is our stalwart day-in day-out author who pursues magazine editors like Einstein pursued his theories and is rewarded by frequent publication. Corianne who awes us with nostalgic stories of her long and interesting life. Irma, our own Poet Laureate, takes us from our own mysterious psyche to far-a-way places like China.

Then we have a considerable flow of new writers, last night we had two. Some will stay, most will not. What is it that keeps the regulars coming, that makes us continue word after word, line after line whether we publish or not? Is it need for expression? The hunger for our by line? The insatiable desire to find our voice? It's probably different for each of us, but whatever it is, I find satisfaction and comraderie in our little group. It's a soft landing when we fail; a booster club as we drive toward our goal and a fan club when we succeed. When we are sitting in that circle, we are writers every one. To the newbies, keep coming, but most of all keep writing. To the oldies, thanks.


  1. what a delightful group; it sounds like it wears well, like a comfortable sweater. i also like how you welcome new writers... truly awesome!

  2. Lizzy: i tried to "follow" you, but it wouldn't let me. I don't know if it's on your end or mine, but thought i'd let you know...

  3. Oh, so sorry; will try to ferret out the culprit who is blocking my followers! Thanks for the comments....I'm honored. :) l