Monday, March 30, 2009

Local author

It's always a pleasure to find a local author. At our B & N Writers Group meeting last week Gayla, our forward-thinking facilitator, reminded us of a Kansas City author who is doing quite well, Joel Goldman. A number of years ago he spoke to our little gathering and I am finally reading his books. Nothing against Joel; I tend to read full speed ahead, and actually "plan" my years reading in December. I'm not OC, honest. I know I'm not because I can deviate from my plan with hardly any scars. Joel proves it. I inserted his name onto my 09 list with barely a wince.

I just finished Motion To Kill...I like to start at the beginning. I love it that he uses KC as a backdrop; it's quite fun to know the locations mentioned in the storyline. I thought the first novel between ok and good so will continue with the rest like little dominoes falling before my intrepid reading plan. It will take me some time to get to his current "The Dead Man" due for release Wednesday, 4/1/09. Way to go Joel; you strengthen the rest of us with the resolution to persevere.

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