Wednesday, April 29, 2009


What does it take to make a good writer? Being the baby of the family perhaps; one grows accustomed to all those oohhs and aaaahhhhs. Or having an editor and legislator for a dad; standing up for the folks and dotting all the i's. It could be good schools; Huntingdon in Alabama and Oxford in...well you know where Oxford is. How about "birds of a feather"...Truman Capote being one of those childhood feathers. Maybe it's a sorority, though I may take issue with that. Could be a ho-hum job with an airline would spur a person to greatness or taking frugality to the cold-water-only level. Good friends could play a roll, especially ones who give you a years salary to live on just so you can write--wow, that makes me speechless. Whatever it takes to make a good writer, a great writer, Harper Lee discovered it or experienced it. To Kill A Mockingbird, an instant best seller at publication in 1960 and a pulitzer winner in '61. It's still holding readers in awe 30 million copies later. Happy Birthday, Harper. You are an inspiration. April 28, 1926

Let's see, I had a neighbor once who walked every where he went (we lived 15 miles from the nearest town.), didn't have a tooth in his head or electricity in his house. What can I parlay that into.....?

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