Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I love words. My husband says females have a certain number of words that must be said in any given day or they will burst. Being a logophile of "ginormous" proportions, TODAY is truly special. At precisely 10:22 a.m. (Stratford-on-Avon time) the English language will hit a new high (or low, depending on what your perspective is). According to Global Language Monitor, those folks who keep track of what we say and when we come up with new words (where do they find the time?) English will cross the MILLION WORD milestone today. They know this because, being the innovative and forward thinking nation that we are, we create a new word every 98 minutes. If President Bush had not been "misunderestimated" and Thomas Jefferson had not responded to the European insult of American wildlife in his famous Notes on the State of Virginia by using the word "belittle" we would be two words shy of our mark. Note: your spellchecker will, as usual, be running a lap behind.

I rarely win anything, but this week my luck has taken a turn for the better. First, I'm sitting at market and a "fellow farmer" pointed out a dollar bill stuck to the tire on PT Patti Petunia (yes, I name my cars). As my grandfather would say, in all my born days I've never seen such a thing. Then, I missed our writer's group this week (they carried on without me proving my "dispensableness"). In my absence, I won a drawing conducted by the generous Debbie Simorte Debbie gave away Get Known Before The Book Deal by Christina Katz. Check out an interview with Christina on Debbie's blog: THANKS, Debbie. I can't wait to start building my writer's platform. Better go. Gotta use my "sticky dollar" for a lottery ticket. Hey, it could happen.

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  1. Well, she denys it, but I was sure Debbie said we had to be present to win. And you were very much missed, because if you had been there the fun we had would have greatly increased. Lizzie, hope to see you at writers' group June 22? Will you perform a reading from a chapter in your book?