Sunday, July 12, 2009

Free Speech

It is just maddening trying to add stuff to this blog and it won't work! Of course, that always happens to me...just ask anyone. Electronics get all confused around me and don't do what they are designed to do. Of course, my engineer, computer geek (it's ok, he calls himself that, and has a cup to prove it) husband can take the problem in hand and it disappears. Once in one of my previous lives (I have several--hey, that would be a good book) I was having difficulty with the computer and the company techy said "Elizabeth, this NEVER happens to anyone else." It's no consolation. I've said numerous times, just give me a yellow legal pad and pencil and I can finish in half the time...but, I don't really mean that. After all, if I jotted down my musings on a pad, YOU wouldn't be reading it!

Speaking of technology, is China so afraid of free speech that they still muzzle it? Apparently so as they have blocked Twitter, Facebook and now, horror of horrors, AMAZON.COM. Check out since I CAN'T SEEM TO ADD IT TO MY BLOG LIST!!! grrr.

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