Friday, October 16, 2009

Cat wisdom

Ever wonder what a cat is thinking? I mean they look so wise. Professor April McGonagall is laying on my desk beside the laptop, eyes half-closed ( or is it half-open), purring softly. I'm sure she is playing out something intriguing across her feline minds-eye. She usually takes life in stride. I mean what does she have to stress over? Food and shelter are a given; she has her private "cat stair" to the basement and her own private green, growing stash of catnip. We got April as a tiny kitten when light was just beginning to penetrate through the slits in her eyes. She fell from the attic down two stories between the walls along with her brothers and sisters. The apartment maintenance men rescued them by cutting a hole in the wall; it was a wonderful diversion for the day but the manager wasn't happy with the extra expense in the budget. (Ahem...) April came home and my husband and I shared three hour feedings 24/7 for years. OK, it wasn't years, but those were some long nights. I say she fell from Heaven; my husband says they through her out. April is five and a half years old now and we are convinced she considers herself Queen of the Universe. I know she is endowed with superior cat wisdom; now if I can just get her to share.

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