Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Heat Wave

Holey Moley, I thought Daylight Savings Time confused me. Or time travel. But the new Richard Castle novel "Heat Wave" sent my thoughts in spirals. I adore the TV series; I think it's creative, witty and charming with believable interesting characters. And, kudos for depicting an intelligent talented teenage daughter who actually treats her parents and other adults with respect. My dilemma appeared when I tried to figure out who actually wrote "Heat Wave". My first thought was perhaps the TV series was based on a real author, wrong. Second I wondered if it was a pseudonym, wrong. Perhaps someone associated with the show: producer, director, etc? Wrong. Could Nathan Fillion actually have written it? Hey, stranger things have happened; Millie the White House Dog wrote a book. It may have been obvious to you from the beginning, but I searched around in google making myself dizzy before I concluded the author of the book "Heat Wave" must be the writers of the TV series Castle. I've yet to read it. I have to wait until my equilibrium returns.

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