Friday, October 9, 2009


Ahhh, autumn. Leaves dressed in rustic colors, tree sap sinking into slumber, root herbs waiting to be uncovered. Today the air is frigid, the wind is slicing, the tea is steeping and I look forward to staying in my pjs all day creating crises for Lichen, my protagonist. And, November is just around the corner. NANOWRIMO beckons! I always wrestle with what I am going to work on during those 30 days of frenetic typing. It's hard for me to stuff my inner editor into a canning jar screw on the lid and throw a dish towel over it. I tell myself to just let it flow; don't correct misspellings; don't agonize over the use of a semicolon; (I love semicolons); don't over think the villain impulses; JUST WRITE. So, come on Nanowrimo....I'm ready.

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