Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Broca Is Not A Whale

When was the last time your surprised your Broca? Or failed to satisfy your schema? "Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads" by Roy H. Williams is a delightful book about successful marketing. In it he briefly explains that the Broca is an area of your brain that "energetically generates verbs, enthusiastically constructs sentences and anxiously anticipates what others are about to say". I get the mental image of a panting puppy waiting not so patiently for a bone. When the Broca has done its job, it passes it along to the prefrontal cortex for action. This is a simplistic explanation, but it's that "anticipates what others are about to say" that is pertinent here. If Broca knows whats coming it can refuse to pass it other words YOU ARE BORED.

I've taught many classes on keeping your Broca unbalanced and interested--none of which had anything to do with writing. But, good writing is all about the Broca. Don't stay on the muddy path made by others; wonder off into the lush head-high grasses of the rain forest or the jungle and find new creative unusual ways to portray old archtypes. Keeping the Broca's attention will serve you well regardless of your vocation.

Oh, and your schema? You can look that one up for yourself. (Surprise!)

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