Friday, November 13, 2009

Mustaches and Word Count

Evidently writers aren't the only ones who use November as a catalyst (National November Writers Month) to get things done. If you are of the male persuasion and can grow or ever wanted to grow or think you can grow a mustache, Movember may be your calling. My man Gary has a mustache as does his brother so I happen to be partial to them. And Tom Selleck, well he just seals the deal; I mean even if you could resist Magnum no one can resist Quigley. Movember began in Australia in 1999 when a group of hirsute men decided to raise money for charity. The rules were simple: you must be clean shaven on November 1 and grow the mustache until November 30. Sorry, beards and goatees don't apply.

Now, if you are a writer you can participate in both NaNoWriMo and Movember, in fact it may be quite productive. You can closet yourself away, write like a fiend and you don't have to shave. Bathing optional.

As a NaNo participant I receive posts from all over the world. This morning I recieved an email from Maureen Johnson. (Check out her She just so happened to have used Australia to illustrate the writing difficulties of being in the middle of the month. Since I, too, am writing about Australia today, I took that as a sign. A good sign..that I will cross the finish line with a decent word count..regardless of how tattered and torn, beaten and threadbare, I will keep on keeping on and all that stuff. I just hope I don't finish with a moustache.

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