Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's the Secret, Neil?

I'm feeling a little stressed as I am behind in the "NaNoWriMo" November writing marathon. That know-it-all smarty pants spelling bee runner up inner-critic keeps popping out insisting that I have used too many commas. What does it matter, I say, stand back, I'm on a roll. You misspelled recipe, again, she says. No I didn't, I say, it's supposed to be receipt, now go away. She tosses her hair, adjusts her rinestone glasses, purses her lips, throws her scarf over her shoulder, gives a little huff and puff, and slides back into my psyche. For a while. Now my concentration is broken. I may as well take the puppy out, update my face book, go get the mail, clean the oven, check in on my two blogs, figure out why my neighbor is staring into my yard, read the posts of other NaNo participants and wish Neil Gaiman happy birthday--Happy Birthday, Neil. How is it that he is so prolific and I, well, am not? Does his inner-critic constantly interrupt the creative flow? Does she sneer and pat her foot if she is ignored? Come on, Neil, what's your secret?

OK, back to work...

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