Thursday, November 18, 2010

Got Writing?

Hello writer friends! You have been so patient with my "sabatical" from would think that being disconnected from the world (no tv, no web) one would have ample time to write...wrong. My farm gobbled up my summer hours and I was glad to let it. This quite possibly, has been the happiest summer of my life. Getting back into the dirt is incrediably fulfilling and grounding. I have a book in my head of farmlife.... hmmm. I also have an herb book started that I'm dying to share with you. And, of course, my faeries. Yes, they are still alive and well and mostly on paper. My UNTOLD THANK YOU to those of you who never let me forget about the land of the Fey regardless of how much I get swept up in real-life farming and herbing. This winter when the snow is flying and ice is thick on the chicken's water I will be pounding the keys and walking the fields and forests of Domus. (After getting the hens fresh water, of course!) Again, thank you so much for your interest, your incouragement and, at times, yes, prodding. I love you for it!

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