Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Way We Wish We Were

Well, the snow is piled high and the chicken water is frozen so as promised I am deep in what I hope is the final revision of Domus - A Faery Tale it struck me. Don't you wish you could "revise" your life like we do our writing? Boy, I do. Beginning with that fake I don't know the answer when I stood at the 3rd grade black board doing a math problem. Why did I ever think I had to do that? And when I decided blondes have more fun. Thanks for nothing Clairol. Not that I didn't have fun, just that I look better with my natural dark hair. Ok, so there are still a few blonde streaks along with the gray. And, how about that Dodge K car? What was I thinking? And a calamity begging to be revised is my decision to open a freezer full of food that had been unplugged for two weeks. We live and learn.
On second thought, perhaps I'm glad we can't revise our lives. Just think of the experience we would be missing. The events that have shaped us and given us keen judgment and insightful discernment. So, back to the world of fiction where I can change things at will. But, I'm leaving Lichen with his rakish ebony hair and brilliant green eyes. Or, is it jet hair? Or ace-of-spades hair? Outer-space black? Dark-of-the-moon? Coal-pit....crude oil...cast iron...

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