Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Reads

I recently discovered Good Reads through a friend and I love it. It's a readers haven.


A readers bliss.

Not only am I a compulsive reader, I'm OCD about keeping track of what I read. It's like a golfers score card. I set my par at the beginning of the year and laboriously keep track of my books. Then I read and think over my list occasionally. In the shower I may think about Seth Godin's "Poke The Box" and evaluate how I am applying it when I don't want to write my newsletter. When I'm wallking my dog up on my mountain Pressfield's "War of Art" reminds me that just because I don't FEEL my muse right now, she's still there.

Revisiting books I've read countless times is like hearing from old friends and I remember them while I'm planting rows of garlic. My paperback dog-eard, margin-scribbled, marker-colored copy of Tony Robbins "Unlimited Power" and Gabaldon's pristine don't-bend-the binder-I'm-buying-a-signed-copy-when-I-win-the-lottery "Outlander" are two of my all-time favs.

This morning when I fed the chickens I thought about Sarah Addison Allen's brand new "The Peach Keepers" and made a note to download it into Kindle. Her magical, whimisical characters will be just the thing when I can't sleep at 2 a.m.!

Good Reads is a grown-up, computerized cyber version of my yearly book list. Forget about a page in my planner; now I have all sorts of book lists--read, to read, to buy, whatever-- and can pull up the cover, description, reviews, author bios & interviews, suggestions all at the stroke of a key.

Book nirvana.

Give it a try. Loose yourself for a few minutes. Take a break. You know you want to.

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