Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hwilc is Hwilc?

We have a standing joke in our family. My husband is brilliant. (That's not the joke). He's an engineer by trade and training; a farmer by will. There is nothing, nothing he cannot design and build. Yet, he cannot spell. No, I mean it. He cannot spell. I cannot see how to assemble and install a speaker component system. He cannot see how to spell continent. It's a trade off. Which brings me back to hwilc is hwilc...which is which. Which is one of our oldest words and has migrated through 64 spellings. To our 8th century progenitors hwilc won the spelling bee. Is it any wonder that brilliant folks like my sweetie cannot spell. Have you ever pondered the rules of spelling? (I think about words a lot!) There may as well not be any rules considering all the exceptions to the rule. The conundrum is this: hwilc person in my family consistently wins at Scrabble? You guessed it. My husband. It's one of the great mysteries of life. Go figure.

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