Thursday, March 8, 2012

Give Yourself a Placebo

I love the Placebo Effect. It demonstrates that where your thoughts go, you go. It shows that what you believe does matter. It's the big SECRET upon which Napoleon Hill founded his "Philosophy of Achievement" which later morphed into the monumental successful book "Think And Grow Rich". It's the secret behind "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne!

What do you believe? Not just what's in your head...but what's in your heart? your soul? Deep down in you? What do you SEE in your future? What is your VISION for yourself? Without vision people perish.

If you are having trouble aligning your beliefs with what you want in your life, try giving yourself a placebo. I recently heard a story about a couple of folks who were having knee surgery. The doctors (with family consent) "operated" on two of the patients: they cut small incisions in the knee so it looked like they had performed the surgery. On the others they did the scheduled knee operations. Two years later the patients with the "placebo" surgeries still had no pain in their knees.

I read of one fella who put small candies in a pill bottle, labeled it to target his illness and took his "medicine" every day. He was convincing himself that it would make him better and you know what? It did.

Two other ladies with breast cancer had totally different visions of the effects of radiation. One saw death rays entering her body each time she had a treatment. She became very ill with radiation sickness. The other woman envisioned healing light targeting her illness...she sailed through her treatments with no side effects.

What you believe matters. What do you need to convince yourself? Notes taped to the mirror? Pictures on the frig? A self-made video on your computer? We NEED visuals. God told Abraham to look at the stars in the sky and then to look at the grains of sand so he would have a visual of his progeny. You need a picture in your mind; you need a vision. Do whatever it takes to foster YOUR belief.

A couple of years ago we bought a farm. We had been dreaming of it for several years. My husband and I sat down and made a list of just what we wanted our farm to have. We saw farm ground, hills, lots of trees, a little creek bubbling and gurgling, a FLAT driveway. This 40 acres of heaven dropped right into our lap before we were even ready for it, complete with everything on our list.

Our little elm sprout.

In the concrete by the house was a teeny tiny hole about the circumference of a pencil. When summer came a sprout peeked out and eventually grew into a diminutive elm tree. I loved it! I'm sure it came from Minerva, our big elm tree in the yard. Winter came and it died. Summer came and there she was again. Winter is here now, but I'm sure she will be back when Spring arrives.

To me, that little sprout represents belief. Like faith, it's things hoped for but unseen. Against all odds, it happens. In spite of dire predictions, naysayers and ill-wishers, it happens.

Remember, what you think, what you say, what you do feeds and fuels your belief. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

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