Friday, December 6, 2013

Energy Drinks--Really?

I’ve long been interested in energy drinks. Blood sugar disorders run rampant in my family so over the years I perfected protein drinks and smoothies. They are filled with high nutrition, high energy and are representative of true fitness and health.

The “power”, “sports”, “fitness” or “energy” drinks are only extensions of my original concept. I question the real power or energy one gets from them. The Red Bulls and blue Gator Aides are Trojan horses filled with questionable additives and faux-nutrition. I groan inwardly to think of how many folks guzzle them down without a thought to their health. And, don’t even get me started on letting children and teens drink them.

One of the newest claims to fame is a near-beer from Germany, Alkoholfrei. Erdinger, the brewmeisters of Alkoholfrei, are hoping it will succeed with Americans where other alcohol-free beers have failed. Like its predecessors, it is not totally without alcohol having a less than 5% content which fortunately compromises distribution to minors in some states in the US. In Germany, Erdinger dispenses their near-beer at sporting events and hand out free cups at finish lines. I would never promote it as a sports drink, or any other kind of drink but it does contain real energy-producing B vitamins and carbs, potassium and sodium. And, it’s a natural golden color with a sudsy appeal. Don't let these "benefits" fool you,  It's still beer.  It's still an alcoholic beverage.

We are a sleep deprived nation, so naturally we depend on external stimulants to get us through the day. If you are in this category take time to reevaluate your schedule and your diet. And, check out my matrix* for making REAL healthy drinks on MY WEBSITE .

*Since writing that piece, I no longer make the Balance herbal mix for sale.  Sorry.  Just substitute a good protein powder.  And, I also have added kefir to the mix.  Milk kefir or coconut milk kefir.  YUM.

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