Friday, October 16, 2015

Narnia, A Prototype

Last week I went on a trip through the wardrobe for the first time in many years...

Oh, I realize some may not "get" the reference to the Chronicles of Narnia in the Blog Title, but, that's ok.  I use it anyway.  Just because I love the book, the movie and the author.

My granddaughter (the youngest, the newest, the last) watched the Chronicles for the first time a few weeks ago.  When she came to visit last week she brought the movie along so we could watch it together.  I loved it all over again.  The thrill of discovery.  The joy of adventure.  The shock of evil.  The anguish of betrayal.  The heartache of loss. The rapture of resurrection.

When Aslan rose up in victory, Elli snuggled close beside me whispered in my ear, "just like Jesus."

A thrill shot through me. She's only four years old and she knows the most important thing in life.  She knows to come out of the wardrobe, leave the make believe world behind, and focus on the Savior.

Would that we all knew that.

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