Sunday, April 9, 2017

Dandelion Mama

My 6 year old granddaughter, Elli, brought me a surprise.  In her clenched fist was a tiny bouquet of dandelions already exhibiting the wilt stage and on her face was a smile radiating unadulterated joy.
 ( I pray we could all remember that pure delight that happens when we give.)

Roots ...ok they're burdock...I don't have dandelion roots spelling joy!!  And, this was not intentional!!

Dandelion celebrating spring.  Notice the brown ground--nothing else is braving the erratic weather.
We brought them into the house, placed them in a small glass of water and put them in a place of honor on the kitchen window sill.  By this time the cheery dandelion blossoms that had been basking in the bright sunlight began to close.  They looked as if they were turning their backs on the world, retreating to a private place to die.  (Elli, ever the thinker, asked that if they were dead, then how could they close?)

 Each morning I watched the dandelions state of decline grow ever more pitiful.  The limp stage.  The brown stage.  The I-really-should-compost-them stage.  One morning I noticed something changed:  the blossoms looked…different.  The next morning I knew what it was.

The dead and gone dandelion blossoms were making seeds.  Yes, the dandelions were transforming into  familiar white balls of fluff we’ve all made wishes on.

The dandelion, literally on her death bed, gave her last bit of life energy to make a baby. (OK, a lot of babies.)  Some folks would launch into an evolution lesson.  Others would go so far as to marvel about Mother Nature.  But, I see the pure Love of Christ.  The Love that created our world and everything in it.  The Love that drives us to want children.  The Love that with our dying breath will do anything for those children

In our culture we see atrocities on a daily basis committed against children.  The abortion numbers gain ground one small heartbeat at a time.  

We should take a cue from the dandelions: give everything we have to assure the life of the baby.  Our children should be the heart and soul of our society.  We should respect their innocence, infuse them with love and nurture their souls.
I wish all babies could have a chance at life.

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